Warm up your home decor with knit motifs

Hi friends! I have Zoe Clark here again today giving ideas on how to warm up your home decor with knit motifs. I had Zoe on the blog last month giving us tips on how to create the perfect home office. Zoe is a wonderful writer and I’m thrilled to have her back. You can read more about Zoe at the end of the post, but for now, take it away Zoe!

Warm Up Your Decor With Knit MotifsWith winter up and coming soon (Snow or no Snow, if you catch the drift), we all want to snuggle up in a warm blanket, grab a book and a mug of hot cocoa and go into hibernation till the temperatures rise again and the Sun returns in its full glory. Though there is no remedy for the cold outside, there are a few things you can do to make your living area feel inspiring and cozy during the winter: for instance, why not add some knitwork or crochet details to your home décor? Simple to make even without extensive background in fiber crafts yet highly effective in terms of visual interest and the ambiance of warmth and comfort, knitted or crocheted decorations are in this year, so if you feel like your place could use a pre-winter face-lift, here are a few cool ideas to inspire you to come up with your own yarn-and-needle masterpieces.

Lamp in a wooly coat

Warm Up Your DecorPhoto credits: styleofdesign.com, atargule-constant.com

If you have a nightstand lamp with a worn-out base, you can knit a wooly coat to keep it warm and scratch-free this winter. If you have never tried knitting before and are not exactly eager to try, you can always use an old knitted jumper for the trick. Cut out an adequately sized piece of knitted fabric, spread it under the lamp base and stitch the material at the edges – it is actually super-simple. With a dressed-up lamp, you will be hitting two birds with one stone – concealing the wear-and-tear and adding visual interest to the room decor.

Shade gone undercover

Warm Up Your DecorPhoto credits: absolutebodo.com, onesheepishgirl.com, abcnyheter.no, crochetgazette.blogspot.com

Speaking of lights, there is one more cute detail you can add to your lamp: a wooly hat. For this project, you will need a cotton or wool yarn, a handful of finely-shaped buttons, needles (size 8 or up), thread, pins, measuring tape and a bit of cotton drill fabric to cover the lamp shade before you go on to knit it a soft top. For a pattern and other important details on this knitwork masterpiece, you can check out this lovely example of lamps gone undercover for the winter season.

Knitted cushion covers

Knitted PillowsPhoto credits: homes-beautiful.blogspot.com, grandmotherspatternbook.com, crafts-beautiful.com

Those cushions in your living room are looking worse for wear? No problem – with quality yarn, knitting needles and just a tad of good will and spare time, your pillows will shine in a whole new – and cuter – light. For a fun twist, you can even make charming finger-knitted covers – these will certainly look chic in any elegant and rustic decor.

Dressed-up chairs and tables

Wooden Dowel StoolPhoto credits: decor8blog.com, countryliving.com

Another adorable idea for this winter’s touch of tenderness at home, knitted socks for your chair and table legs will certainly be a conversation starter next time you decide to invite friends over for a cup of tea. In addition to their avant-garde look, these funny socks will also prevent scratching of the laminate or floorboards (be careful when dragging the furniture around as the fabric will wear out eventually, especially if you give it the tough love treatment).

Sofa cover from scraps

DIY Sofa CoverPhoto credits: worthwhilesmile.com, pinterest, threadtricks.files.wordpress.com

In case you have a handful of crochet scraps lying around, use them to make a lovely patchwork cover for your armchair or sofa. Use your needle to knit loose crochet scraps together into a patchwork masterpiece. Depending on the shape and size of the individual pieces, you will need to work out the best way to assemble them to the best visual effect (an expert tip: the best way to combine differently sized items is to mix up larger crochet pieces and smaller ones – an asymmetrical combo of elements will make a playful living room display).

Rug it with T-shirts

DIY T-shirt RugPhoto credits: pinterest.com, ohohblog.com

The fact that the winter is coming does not mean that you should throw away those old T-shirts. In fact, you may want to throw them down, onto your floor, in the form of a colorful rug. To make the rug, you will need 5-10 T-shirts, scissors, a knitting needle and thread. Cut out the T-shirts into a yarn (cut the fabric at every 2 inches from the bottom to the sleeves and towards the other seam, leaving about 4 inches intact at the far side) and arrange it in a ribcage shape, with the uncut part at the back. Carve the intact part diagonally to come up with a single long string of fabric, make a yarn from it and start braiding. Once you have braided all the T-shirt yarns, coil the braids to create a round rug pattern and finish off by stitching the coils on the bottom side.

Wooly tea cozy

DIY Tea CozyPhoto credits: minnasplayground.tumblr.com, blog.artisticexpressionsbyelisabeth.com, cinderdream.tumblr.com

Whip out a knitted tea cozy at your next tea party. In wintertime, your tea will have to stay cozy too, and the best way to keep it snuggly and warm is to deck the pot with a wooly pullover, Brit style. You can Google the knit-work instructions online or use this sample here to add an endearing, homely note to your tea drinking routines.

There’s no place like home – and these simple knitwork and crochet details will definitely keep out the common cold and help your home stay warm and snuggly all through to springtime.

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Zoe Clark is a proud mom of one baby girl and a miniature schnauzer. When not obsessing about designing perfect homes, Zoe is spending time with her family. She enjoys writing, cooking, traveling and loads of chocolate. You can follow her on Twitter.

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    Thanks for your tips about winter home decor. I love the knit blankets. They look so cozy. We just had our second snowfall of the winter two days ago. I’ll keep your suggestions in mind.

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