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I’m so excited for today’s post! This post has been a long time coming, but blogging life got away from me for a little while as real life was happening. This Minecraft Room reveal has definitely been on my list of things to do.

minecraft bedroomWe put so much time and effort (especially Stephen) into making this bedroom absolutely awesome for Grant. Stephen thought about every little detail, including making the windows into Minecraft windows! As someone who has never played Minecraft, I sure know a whole bunch about it now after this room makeover.

Now, let me welcome you to Grant’s Minecraft Room reveal.

Minecraft Room Reveal

The focus of the room, by far, is the DIY Minecraft fort bed. We purchased the bunk bed blue prints from Palmetto Bunks Beds, a company that sells step-by-step instructions for amazing bed designs. We bought the queen-sized bunk bed design, but there are multiple bed blue prints to choose from. I love to follow them on Facebook and Pinterest to see what other people have done with their designs, but I may be a bit biased when I say ours is my favorite design 🙂

DIY Fort bed

DIY Fort Bed 19

DIY Fort Bed 22

DIY Fort Bed 23

DIY Fort Bed 24

DIY Fort Bed 25

DIY Fort Bed 28

DY Fort Bed 26Stephen bought those Minecraft Wall Torches
and attached them to the bed. He made them so they’re detachable too, so Grant can take them off and walk around with them. It’s a really awesome feature!

We bought that green rug from Ikea to replicate grass, but any green rug would do!

And as cool as the outside of the bed is, the inside is just as impressive.

DY Fort Bed 15

DY Fort Bed 27

Minecraft Fort Bed

DIY Fort Bed 14The details that Stephen thought of to add to this bed, including the Minecraft Foam Sword and Minecraft Pickaxe, make the bed really unique to the room. He also thought to go above and beyond and make the bed two-toned. You can read about the entire process of making the bed here.

Next up is one of my personal favorite parts of the room, the storage dresser. Using a cube organizer, and different colored fabric drawers, we made a Minecraft storage dresser! Stephen worked with his mom and sister, owners of Awfully Aud Designs, to digitize the images and embroider them onto the fabric drawers. They came out perfectly!

Minecraft RoomWe also surprised Grant with that super cool Minecraft Creeper Backpack so that he can take a little piece of his room to school with him every day.

Next up, the DIY Minecraft windows. This was time-consuming, but worth it. We used white vinyl electrical tape
and cut a lot of little squares and stuck them to the windows to create the window glare that appears in the game.

Here is what the windows look like in the actual Minecraft game:

minecraft windowsAnd here’s how ours turned out:

DIY Minecraft Windows

Minecraft WindowsI may not have loved sticking on each individual piece of tape, however it came out super cool. It especially looks good when we’re walking on that bike path in the back of our house and you look up at the window. Grant always gets super excited about that.

Originally in this room there was a fan, however since the bed was so tall and big, the fan sat right over the bed. To avoid a catastrophe, Stephen removed the fan and the existing light fixture. He mounted a fan to the ceiling in the corner, and he found a square light at Home Depot which emulates the moon in Minecraft:

minecraft moon

Our next big project was the DIY Minecraft Walls. We painted these walls entirely with sponges, and we couldn’t be happier with how they came out. The Minecraft game has such a distinct pixelated pattern, and we were able to replicate that by cutting our sponges into squares.

DIY Minecraft Walls

Minecraft Room 15

Minecraft Room 18To read the full tutorial on how we painted the walls, head here.

That dresser you see peaking out is a dresser we got from Ikea. Originally, it was natural wood. Stephen stained it two-tone to match the bed, and bought new hardware for it at Home Depot. It couldn’t be more perfect for the room!

Minecraft Dresser

minecraft dresserAnd though we love our big projects, the little details around the room are what really make it!

Minecraft Bedroom

Minecraft Room Overview 5

Minecraft Room Overview 7

Minecraft Room Overview 8(You can get that Minecraft Redstone Ore here.)

I don’t really know who loves this room more, Grant or Stephen. Grant even told me it’s “the coolest room he’s ever seen.” I love that the fort fosters creativity–we always find him in there playing with his games and legos.

Thanks for stopping by our Minecraft Room reveal! What was your favorite part of the room? Tell me in the comments below.

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  1. Emily says

    Oh WOW!!! We’re just beginning to plan our 7 year old’s room to be a minecraft room – I’m certain he’d play all the time if we let him! There are so many amazing ideas here that i didn’t even think of… especially the window! You guys are amazing parents to do all of this and it sounds like Grant is the happiest kid in the world. What a fantastic childhood he’ll be able to look back on, and know that he was worth all that effort 🙂
    Thanks again for so many great ideas!

  2. Kathrin Sprouse says

    We are getting ready to start “the Minecraft room” for our son tomorrow. We are letting him do most of the painting. Did you have plans for the bed/fort or did you just make it. The bed is the only thing we have not worked out. We just have a general idea of what we want.

  3. says

    Hi Cat! Just found your site, so really cool stuff here. This idea is amazing! My daughter loves to play Minecraft and she went wild after seeing these pictures. Got a BIG project ahead of me 😉

    I really like the simplicity of the buck beds… and the exposed bolts adds the Minecraft feel. Thanks for sharing!!!!
    Ed Connors recently posted…How To Use a Band Saw: The Ultimate GuideMy Profile

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