The Ultimate Friends TV Show Bridal Shower

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My sister is getting married (YAY) in June, and as the maid of honor, it was my job (privilege) to plan the bridal shower. I knew from the start that I wanted to do a Friends TV show theme because we both are entirely obsessed with Friends. With my mom’s help, we pulled off a better Friends TV Show Bridal Shower than I ever could have initially imagined.

My mom and I wanted to incorporate Friends details everywhere, and we also wanted to keep it elegant and beautiful. It’s easier to show you all of those details instead of describe them, so this post will be very picture heavy!

I also wanted to give credit to Aqua Blu Kitchen and Cocktails in Toms River, NJ for having such a beautiful venue room which was the absolute perfect place to host the shower.

This is an overview of the room:

Friends TV show bridal showerI’m not sure if I love anything more in life then I loved that gorgeous table of chippy goodness.

Friends TV show bridal shower

Friends TV show bridal shower

friends tv show bridal shower

I’m in love with that light fixture! So many people complimented it.

Alright, let’s get to the shower. First, we set the tone for the shower by inviting people with this invitation:

friends tv show bridal shower

The invitation was designed by my lovely friend, Madison, from The Wetherills Say I do. It was the perfect way to start the theme of the shower, and everyone loved it.

Now, let’s jump to the details!

For the centerpieces, I designed printables of love quotes from 7 cast members from Friends (the 6 main ones, plus Phoebe’s husband, Mike). Alongside the quotes were stunning flower arrangements by Flowers by Melinda in Lavallette, NJ.

All printables are downloadable, just click the cast member’s name after the photo for the free download!

Friends TV show bridal showerThe Monica Table

Friends TV show bridal showerThe Joey Table

Friends tv show bridal showerThe Ross Table

Friends tv show bridal showerThe Mike Table

friends tv show bridal showerThe Rachel Table

friends tv show bridal showerThe Chandler Table

friends tv show bridal showerThe Phoebe Table

The arrangements by Flowers by Melinda were so beautiful–it wasn’t hard to give them away at the end. It also proved that you don’t need big arrangements to make a statement.

friends tv show bridal shower

shower bach party 40In addition to the tables, there were Friends posters and details spread across the room as decor:

friends tv show bridal showerI got that poster here.*

friends tv show bridal showerMy mom actually found those adorable flip flops at Spencer’s, however you can also find them here.

friends tv show bridal shower

friends tv show bridal showerIsn’t that t-shirt wonderful? I love both the t-shirt* and the flip flops, because I know that when my sister wears them she will always remember how special this day was.

friends tv show bridal showerI’ve had that DVD set* for years–it’s the complete 10 seasons all packed into those little boxes. They made for a great little decoration at the shower. The Central Perk mug* was also a nice little touch!

friends tv show bridal showerThat poster is my favorite Friends poster*! In order to have the posters stand up, I taped them on to some foam board from Staples.

friends tv show bridal showerI put the bold black posters up on the mantel, so that they were the center of attention. They meshed well together, they were funny, and they brought a lot to the room! You can find the skinny poster here*, and the poster on the right here*.

We had a coffee bar and a mimosa station also, which played to both audiences: The ones who still needed a little bit of a wake up, and the ones who were ready to relax with a cocktail!

These drink areas were on a booth that we dubbed “Central Perk” after the coffee shop in Friends. What’s a Friends themed bridal shower without a Central Perk station, right?!

friends tv show bridal shower

friends tv show bridal shower

shower bach party 58The Central perk poster can be found here*.

 Now let’s get to the favors! My mom took care of the favors and she knocked them out of the park. She got to-go coffee cups that said “Live, laugh, love” on them which is a saying my sister really loves. She also gave away mason jars with chocolate chip cookie mix in them to support the charity Bake Me Home.

Bake Me Home is a charity that my mom supports whole-heartedly, and that has an amazing mission. The website reads:

“We are 13-year-old twin sisters, Emma and Amy. In July 2008 we started a charity (with a little help from our Mom!) to help moms and kids at a homeless family shelter in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Since then we’ve expanded with the help of thousands of volunteers to include families using local food pantries, kids in foster care, and members of our military.”

I loved adding a little bit of charity into the shower!

friends tv show bridal shower

shower bach party 4

shower bach party 7My mom also had labels made for both the cups and the jars!

friends tv show bridal shower

shower bach party 6We also had some amazing games–one of which we actually didn’t have time for! There were so many presents to open, that Bingo wasn’t a priority anymore. I wanted to make sure that Sarah got to all of the presents and that she didn’t have to rush or feel pressured.

But the good news is, if anyone wants to play Friends bingo, I’ve got plenty of boards 🙂

friends tv show bridal showerYou can get a personalized Bingo game from Little Pebble Paper. When I ordered from Lindsay, she made my custom board that day and sent it my way. She was so sweet and the board was beautiful!

The game we actually did get to was Groom Multiple Choice where I had my sister’s fiance answer some questions prior to the shower. The guests had to guess the answers, and then we had my sister guess the answers. She actually did a really good job and I think she only got two wrong!

We gave everyone a prize who get ten or more questions right. We gave out cook books as prizes–useful and fun!

friends tv show bridal showerLastly, my mom bought thank you notes for my sister as a present that matched the theme.

friends tv show bridal showerThese are also from Little Pebbler Paper. It was the perfect way to wrap up the shower and the theme!

My mom and I worked really hard on making all the details come together and make it as special for my sister as we possibly could! If your friend/family member is a Friends lover and you’re throwing them a shower, this is such a fun theme that’s really easy to run with! I highly encourage it.

Now, it’s time to focus on the rest of the wedding planning, phew!

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    • Catherine Elsby says

      Thank you Madison! The invitations really started the whole thing off an amazing foot. Thanks for them <3!

  1. brigette reichart says

    this is absolutely amazing! beautiful and fun 🙂 great job!! i’m so sad i had to miss it. but i’ll see you at the wedding! <3

  2. Nathalia Mello says

    I love this!!! Where did you find the “Youre my lobster” picture frame??? I would love to give one of these as a gift!

    • Catherine Elsby says

      Hi Nathalia! A friend of my mom’s designed the “You’re my lobster” graphic, and the frame was just from Walgreen’s!

  3. says

    I LOVED your post on the FRIENDS bridal shower!! Thank you so much!! I was also wondering in relation to that shower where you got the cute lobster love picture that says “You’re my lobster” with 2 cute lobsters on it. Adorable!! You have made me a believer of this shower! Thank you so much!

  4. says

    I am a die hard Friends Fan and this the BEST IDEA I have ever seen for a bridal shower. I sent all my girls a link to this. I cannot wait for my shower now!! Thank you for sharing your genius idea!!


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