Succulent Mason Jar Wall Art

I’ve been waiting for a while to share this Succulent Mason Jar Wall Art tutorial with you, but now that it’s Home Depot Gift Challenge day, it’s time to share! Each month, a group of blog friends and I get together to make a DIY project using one common item from Home Depot (this post is not sponsored by Home Depot in any way). It was my turn to choose the item this month, yay!, and I chose a hose clamp. I’ve always wanted to use hose clamps in a project, and when we recently re-did our bathroom, I found the perfect use for them!

Succulent Mason Jar Wall ArtLife has been so busy lately and I’ve barely had time to focus on DIY projects. One of the reasons I love our Home Depot Gift Challenge is that it forces me to get creative and have fun with DIY!

home depot challengeI just love how adorable this month’s wall art came out. It’s such a great addition to our new light and airy bathroom. You can’t go wrong with succulents or mason jars, but combining them into one project is just perfect!

Succulent Mason Jar Wall ArtMaterials used:
1 Wooden board (I got this one from Michael’s)
Paint in the color of your choosing
A Paint Brush
3 Hose Clamps
3 Mason Jars
3 Wood Screws
A ruler
Rocks and soil
3 Succulents
2 Drywall Anchor Screws

Succulent Mason Jar Wall ArtPaint your wooden board in the color of your choice.

Attach the hose clamps to the wooden board with the clasp facing outward. Do this by drilling wood screws through the hose clamps into the wood (Use a ruler to make sure the hose clamps are evenly spaced out).

Fill the bottoms of the mason jars with about 2 inches of rocks/pebbles for drainage. Then, fill the rest of the jars with soil and plant the succulents.

Put the mason jars inside the hose clamps, and tighten the clamps so that the jars are sturdy.

Attach the wooden board to the wall with drywall anchor screws.

Succulent Mason Jar Wall ArtWhat do you think? Do you love this Mason Jar Wall Hanging as much as I do? Stay tuned soon for the full bathroom reveal! I’m so excited to show you all the transformation.

Now, check out the amazing projects the other bloggers came up with this month! The creativity blows my mind. Who knew you could make so many beautiful DIY projects with hose clamps? (Click on the image to go to the tutorial)

Image Map

And we have a surprise for you this month! We’re giving away a Home Depot gift card as a present to you loyal readers! We can’t thank you enough for reading our blogs and sticking around. Hopefully this shows you have grateful we are.

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