Simple Tips for Decorating with Accessories

Accessories are some of the most economical means to decorate your home since altering accessories go easy on your wallet and you sure get a chance to experiment with quite a lot of them. Christmas or not, accessories always come to the rescue. Here are some of the best tips to decorate your home with accessories.

What Really Works On the Walls?

Walls are a major part of any house and they sure pose as an extensive space to accessorize and decorate. Consider the following wall accessories while decorating your home;

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  1. Wall arts are one of the famous ways to adorn walls.  Create an accent wall with an over-sized wall art that can cover an entire wall or create a large collage with various small wall arts framed in beautiful frames.
  2. Wall papers are just the thing if you are looking at filling your walls completely. To create an accent wall, consider filling one wall with wallpaper and painting the other walls.
  3. Decorative starburst mirrors can create an illusion of space. Add multiple mirrors of various sizes and patterns to best complement your space.
  4. Wall decals can surely add interest to a major part of your walls. They come in so many varied patterns and prints that they are capable of telling a story of their own.
  5. Wall shelves can not only act as storage spaces to hold your prized possessions, they can adorn your walls with many knick-knacks from books to collectibles.
  6. Wall hangings are yet another way to beautify your walls with accessories. Beautify your walls with elegant hand-crafted wall hangings to enhance the beauty with wall accessories.

Beauty beneath Your Feet

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to accessorize flooring is by spreading out homemade rugs or hand-woven rugs. With a wide variety of genuine hand-woven rugs available online, you sure have a huge range of options to choose from. There is a rug to suit every floor type, so whatever your floor type is, you sure can find a hand-woven rug to enhance the beauty of your floor.

Upholstery & Furniture Accessory

Changing furniture accessories is the best way to bring about notable changes without having to change    your furniture.

  1. Play with patterns while choosing cushion fabrics for your furniture. Mix two or three patterns to add colour and interest to plain furniture.
  2. Layer with varied fabrics like cashmere, silk and wool in the form of throw blankets to add on to your furniture’s comfort and looks.

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  1. Window scarves sure can add on to the drama in your home. Choose lacey window scarves and table cloths to decorate with sheer fabric accessories.

Lighting Fixtures

The lighting fixtures in your home can give your visitors an idea about your taste in home décor. Make classy selections while choosing lighting fixtures because these fixtures are there to stay for long.

  1. Chandeliers are an elegant addition to your interiors. Since a chandelier suits every place from a dining room to your bathroom above your bathtub, a chandelier can bring about instant charm to your home.

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  1. Wall sconces are yet another means to decorate your walls while adding some classy lighting fixtures to your home. With light control options available in sconces, they are ideal for your bedroom as well.
  2. Install pendant lighting over your dining room to bring instant glamour to your interiors while enjoying dines under mystical lights.
  3. Fairy lights need not be packed after Christmas. You can use these charming serial lights to decorate your bed and walls without an occasion.

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