Rustic Mason Jar Utensil Holders

Fourth of July is Steve’s absolute favorite holiday and I’m not exaggerating–it whoops all other holidays’ butts in his mind.

Rustic Mason Jar Utensil Holders

So obviously as the girlfriend of the holiday lover, I need to step up my game for decorations. I’ve been behind schedule because we took a mini vacation this weekend and spent a few days in Florida, so my mind was focused on relaxing in the sand and not on decorations.

On our drive back from Florida we stopped at the largest fireworks store in the world (or at least that’s what they claim), and we spent about as much money on fireworks as some people do on rent. After that purchase, Steve’s mind is definitely focused on the Fourth–and now that it’s three days away I’ve buckled down and started making decorations!

These DIY mason jar utensil holders are the first little treasures I put together for our BBQ happening this Friday. I found this darling burlap at Walmart, however it can easily be made with plain burlap, stencils, and red and blue paint.

The other things you will need are: two mason jars, twine, and a hot glue gun.


First, measure enough burlap so that it overlaps a little bit (shown below), and cut it according to that size.


Then, you’ll want to lay the mason jar flat and hot glue gun a straight line down on the jar and adhere the edge of the burlap to the jar with the design side facing out. Wrap the burlap around the jar halfway (shown below) and put a line of glue on the inside edge of the burlap that hasn’t been adhered yet. Pull the burlap tight and press down on the burlap so that it it secures to the burlap that is already on the jar.


After you have let your glue dry for about a minutes, take the twine and wrap it around your mason jar five times. Once wrapped, secure it with a bow. Add a dab of glue behind the bow to prevent sliding.


Next, fill with utensils and enjoy your BBQ! For some easy BBQ goodies that will impress your guests, visit my recipe page 🙂 Happy Fourth!




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