Ricotta, Honey, Walnut & Raspberry Crostini

Breakfast is starting to swoop in and steal my “favorite meal” spot. It used to be dinner, hands down, but I think I underestimated the deliciousness that you can create for breakfast.

See, I’m a sleeper. Once that alarm clock chirps, I hit the sleep button at least three times. But lately, I’ve just been hitting it once and using that extra time to get up and make myself breakfast.

This raspberry crostini recipe is my latest creation–and I have to tell you, I’m a bit obsessed.

The creaminess of the ricotta cheese coupled with the delicious raspberries, sweet honey, and crunchy walnuts is just a small little party on top of a toasted slice of bread. Does it get better than that? Nope, no it doesn’t.

To get the recipe for this delicious dish, head on over to My Cooking Spot where I’m hanging out today!

raspberry crostini

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