Pom Pom Push Pins–Guest Post from Lily Allsorts

Good news, I’ve arrived in Colorado! Now Stephen and I are starting the process of house hunting, which I think is super fun, whereas Stephen thinks it’s super stressful. But hopefully we find a house we can turn into our next home (perhaps with a mountain view)!

Today I have the lovely Emma from Lily Allsorts on the blog sharing adorable Pom Pom Push Pins. If you haven’t read Emma’s blog, I highly suggest heading over to her blog to hop around. Her blog is one of my favorites and I always find amazing DIY craft and party ideas there. Her friendship also reaffirms to me how awesome this blogging community is: She blogs all the way from England and is guest posting on my blog thousands of miles away in Colorado! The blogosphere is wonderful. So friends, here’s Emma:
Hello lovely readers of The Rustic Willow!
I’m Emma, I blog at Lily Allsorts all things Party, Craft and Interior!
I’m stoked to be here with you guys while Cat is making her huge move to Denver!
I want to share with you all my latest pom pom en-devour.
Pom Pom Push Pins!
Just another crazy idea I got one day that actually turned out to be nothing less than awesome!
I possibly have too much love for pom poms, who knows.
What you need:
  • needle felting kit. (ie; sponge, set of felting needles & handle)
  • wool roving in assorted colours
  • push pins with small spherical heads
Make it:
If you’ve needle felted before, chances are you’re going to know exactly what to do. If not, read along & learn a bit of needle felting. It’s super easy & surprisingly therapeutic.A little about how it works:Needle felting is produced by stabbing barbed needles into wool roving to tangle the fibres. Wool is a staple fibre, which means it has tiny hook like flecks that stand off the main fibre. Think of Velcro, these flecks, when aggravated and tangled hook on to each other and the fibres become matted together. This is also how we get flat sheets of felt we buy in shops, but the process to make sheets of felt is called Wet Felting & is slightly different. Needle felting is often used to make little animal sculptures. Google it & you will find hundreds of freakishly realistic felted animals!

  • pull tiny amount of roving from your skein. Around the amount shown in the image. You need a lot less than you think!
  • place the roving between your hands and roll into a rough ball shape
  • start by using the starter needle in your set (in my set this is the green headed needle) & gently start to stab the wool into the roving, rotate to form a smaller ball shape but don’t go too far
  • push your pin into this ball and roughly work the fibres around the pin head with your fingers.
  • continue stabbing the pom pom.
  • when the felt starts getting stiff, you need to go down a needle size. Never force the needle into the felt as you risk it snapping. In my case it was the blue headed needle I needed to downsize to.
  • use this needle to continue stabbing and shaping your pom pom.
Tip: If you find your pin head isn’t in the centre of your pom pom just add a little extra roving to the area and continue stabbing! 
Tip: As the project is so small, reduce the risk of stabbing your fingers by using another needle to hold in in place. I have stabbed myself a number of times. It HURTS!
  • again, when it starts to get harder to stab the needle, change to the next needle down. In my case this was the gold headed needle. This needle is for fine detailing and will tidy up the surface of the pom pom.
  • if need be, use scissors to trim excess “fluff” off the pom pom.



There you have it! A pom pom push pin!Now just to make 20 more! Of course you can make as many as you like. I think they make a super cute gift. But be warned, this isn’t exactly a quick project. Sit in the front of the TV and do it in an evening. Just train your eyes to watch where you’re stabbing the needle at the same time!
I often think needle felting is pretty magical. What do you think?



I hope you enjoy the tutorial, it gives a little insight into my style and what I get up to over at Lily Allsorts. Lots of fun stuff! I’ve recently decorated my room – the full tour will be up very soon but you can see a lot of my DIY projects for it on the blog right now! Like this DIY Ice Cream Art & this Storage Box Makeover! So if you like what you see here, I’d love if you stopped by and said hello!

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