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 As most of you know, I’m moving from New Orleans to Denver! I’m actually in our RV on the way to Denver as we speak.  I’m not good at driving this thing, so Stephen so graciously is driving the entire 20 hours. He’s the best.

Today I have something special for you guys! My friends at Canary Street Crafts are here to share one of my favorite projects by them: their Mason Jar Drink Toppers. These ladies were some of my first friends in the blogging world, and they are super awesome. So without further rambling by me, I’ll let them take it away!

Mason Jar Paper Drink Toppers -

Hello Rustic Willow readers!  We are thrilled to be hanging out with you today while Cat prepares for her big move.  She asked us to share a project we posted on our site back in the summer, but before we get into that, we’ll take a minute to introduce ourselves!

Vicki & Amy from

We’re Vicki & Amy from Canary Street Crafts.  We’re a mother/daughter team who blog about all our crafting adventures.  On our blog, you’ll find DIY projects, home decor, recipes, holiday crafts, and anything else that strikes our fancy.  We would love for you to stop by and visit!

Mason Jar Drink Toppers are an easy and inexpensive project that can be customized for any party.  We especially love using them for baby showers and outdoor barbecues.

You Will Need:

  • Mason jars with lid rings; any size (we used pint size)
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Glad press n’ seal
  • Straws
  • Scissors


 Lay scrapbook paper face down on a hard, flat surface.  Cut a piece of Glad press n’ seal just a tad larger than your paper, and lay it sticky side down onto the back side of your paper.  Smooth it out, then use your fingers to firmly rub the press n’ seal, adhering it to the back of the paper.  This is the secret to giving the paper a bit of a waterproof-like backing so it doesn’t get soggy if the drinks splash onto it.

Mason Jar Paper Drink Toppers -

Using the flat portion of the mason jar lid, trace circles onto the paper, then cut the circles out.  Don’t spend too much time making perfect circles, you won’t be able to see the edges of the circles once they’re under the lid rings.  The press n’ seal should stay firmly in place when you cut the circles out.

Mason Jar Paper Drink Toppers -

Mason Jar Paper Drink Toppers -

Use a hole punch to make a hole for the straw.  Or if you’re like me and can’t find what you did with your hole punch, just use a sharp object to make the hole.  I used an awl to poke a small starter hole, then used scissors to make it a little bigger.

Insert the straws into the holes, then lay the drink toppers on top of the jars.  Place the lid rings over the paper and screw it in place.

Mason Jar Paper Drink Toppers -

Mason Jar Paper Drink Toppers -

We’re so thankful to Cat for letting us hang out here today!  Here’s a few of our recent projects, or you can visit our All Projects page for a quick look at everything we’ve worked on!

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