How to Use Google Alerts to Grow Your Blog

You know what’s really cool? Easy marketing tricks.

I’m always on the hunt for simple yet effective ways to grow my blog and to grow my following, and lately I’ve implemented one that is proving to be extremely useful.

What is my magical marketing trick you ask? Google Alerts.

how to use google alerts to grow your blogLet me give you a quick rundown on what Google alerts is: Google alerts allows you to enter in a word or a topic, and it will send you daily (or weekly, depending on your preference) emails with articles that have that keyword or phrase in them.

For example, some of my alerts are: DIY, Food Blogger, Denver Blogs, Rustic, and Home Decor.

I choose to have a daily email sent to me and have all of my topics in one email–you can have them sent separately too, but it’s helpful for me to have everything in one place. It’s easier to keep track of and it’s much more pleasant to go through the articles that way.

So now that you have a little more information about it, let me tell you how to use Google Alerts to grow your blog!

Some of the most effective ways to grow your blog are sharing valuable content for your readers on your social media, linking to other bloggers’ posts, and promoting interaction on your posts to grow your audience and engage in relevant topics.

However, you don’t always want to share the same bloggers’ posts. You want to meet new bloggers and you want to connect with them and link to them so that they discover your blog as well.

So, with Google Alerts, you receive new posts on your chosen topics everyday (or every week). These posts are likely from bloggers outside of your blogging circle, so you have the opportunity to continuously discover new blogs. With these posts that you receive, you’ll share 1-2 posts per day on your social media, linking to the blogger. This will make more bloggers aware of you, make your content on your social media diverse, and make you super trendy in whatever niche that you’re blogging in.

You’ll be trendy because Google Alerts only shows you posts that are in the top 20 web results or top 10 news results for the term that you chose to get an alert for. This means that you’re getting extremely popular content delivered right to your inbox. If you post the articles, there’s a good chance you’re going to get a lot of interaction on them. And you’ll be able to see what kind of content people have been interested in in whatever niche you choose.

Another way to use Google Alerts is to see who is talking about you and your blog. Say I do an alert for “The Rustic Willow,” I’ll get alerts for posts that have linked to my blog or mentioned my blog, but may have not told me that they were linking to me. You could also do an alert for your name for the same reasons.

Google Alerts is such an easy tool to utilize, and it’s also free! Two thumbs up for free things. But the best part is that you can set up an alert in about 3 seconds. You can set up to 1,000 alerts too, so you can go crazy with alerts if you want too! You can also be as general or specific as you want: I tend to stay general, though if you want to narrow it down further you could (ex. set an alert for peanut butter! how fun would that be?!).

Head here to check out Google Alerts.

Have you used Google Alerts? How do you utilize it?

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