How to Simplify Organization for Children

**Hi all! I have Laura from Sewing Makes Me Happy sharing some tips on how to keep your kids’ belongings organized, in a fun way! Once you simplify organization, then keeping the home clean is a breeze!

Having kids means saying “goodbye” to order and “come on in” chaos. Your house will be invaded by an army of teddy bears, cars, action figures and any other toy that your kid sees advertised on the television each week. If you don’t keep an eye on them, that ever-expanding army will wage war on your living room, and they will take no prisoners.

Organizing Toys

Label making

If there is one surefire way to lose your child’s interest, then asking them to clean up after themselves after a good toy-playing session will do it. No child in their right mind would do so, unless there was an enjoyable and creative way of doing it.

You can start off by labeling items in your child’s bedroom or playroom, be it their chair, table or bed. It starts off simple, but ultimately you are going to instill a sense of pride in your child and that tidying up after themselves is fun.

Together, you and your little one can start by looking up pictures or clip art online of the piece of furniture you are going to label.

Once you’ve found it, spell it out in a colorful, child friendly font. Print it out and glue it onto a piece of card. Laminate the card and then tie them to the furniture of the child’s choice. Consider custom woven labels for a more personal and slightly more sophisticated touch.

Now that you’ve got your son’s or daughter’s creative flair going, you can move on to the toy boxes. If you are going to take back your living room and reinstate some order, you need to make putting away the toys a fun activity for your kid. By tipping all the toys out and sorting them into different categories, you can decide which box will be the home for a certain type of toy.

Once you have an idea of the categories, follow the same process as before but with each toy bin. Make a label for the cars, action figures and teddy bears etc. but make sure your little loved one is helping you with the design. Be creative with your storage solutions to keep things organized and looking cute.

You are, of course, going to have a few toys that don’t fit in any of the categories, so you can make a miscellaneous label for one of the boxes. Finally, if everything goes to plan, your child will know where their toys go when it’s time to finish and will happily put them away.

Organizing Toys

Labeling clothes

The labeling fun isn’t just limited to your children’s toys, you can use them for their clothes, shoes and backpacks. This is a great way to label your kids uniforms so they don’t get lost, or it can add a personal touch to their backpack.

If you or your child is learning a new language, then try labeling everything you have all over the house in the target language. The activity of designing it yourself will help you remember the vocabulary.

Use personalized clothing labels to help maintain order and assist with recovery when items are misplaced. Jackets, mittens, favorite stuffed animals, and backpacks can all benefit from a personal label.

It doesn’t have to be just your kid’s backpack that gets one, it can be yours too. Also, if you need labels for your own business or products, then you can custom design your own to make them stand out from the crowd.


Making your own labels can be a fun, bonding experience with your child and it can teach them the importance of being responsible AND tidying up after themselves. With these simple tricks you can have a tidy home again, and it can even be fun for grown ups, too.


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    Very useful information Cat, my son has a hard time finding a lot of his toys and clothes. These are great tips that will make organizing and keeping up with his valuables. I think a lot of adults can use these strategies also, as some need to be more organized. Thanks again

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    Just to add to the above:Also make sure that your storage area or cabinet is away from any direct sunlight. It can fade out the fur and hair color of stuffed toys, which is why sun drying them after a wash is never advised. Prolonged exposure to the sun can damage the kid’s toys.

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