Home, safe home: Kid-friendly solutions for every budget

Hi beautiful readers, I have a guest blogger, Chloe, here today to share kid-friendly solutions for every budget.
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Even the most innocuous of homes can easily turn into a disaster scene with small kids onboard. From trip-happy cord tangles and exposed power outlets to slippery tiles and sharp objects left unattended in plain sight of little nosy parkers, a seemingly shipshape living area can look like an exciting yet potentially hazardous training field from a kid’s perspective. The good news is child-proofing your home can be a piece of cake if you know which danger zones to watch out for and which props to use to minimize risk of injury – and if you’re short on the know-how, feel free to use the tricks listed below to transform your snug nest into a kid-friendly haven.

Compact furnishings do it best

As your child grows, head bumps can become an increasingly frequent occurrence, which is why you should use compact furniture with padded or rounded corners wherever possible. Handle-free chairs, chunky coffee tables with short legs, and other compact furniture is difficult to knock over, which makes it child-friendlier than leggy, lightweight furnishings with lots of sharp edges that can easily inflict an injury in case the piece gets toppled by accident.

Waterproof fabrics are a friend

With kids at home, liquids get spilt in a matter of seconds, and such incidents can result in stains which can be tough or sometimes impossible to get out. To stay on the safe and stain-free side of homeware, cover sensitive furniture with water repellent fabric and consider swapping classic upholstery for a more forgiving option such as performance velvet and ultrasuede. In addition to water resistance, hard-wearing fabrics will last longer with heavy toddler knee traffic in the mix.

A bedscape for sweet dreams

Kid Safe Solutions for the Home


If you want your kids to grow into healthy adults, you should ensure they sleep well every night. To keep your child on the healthy side of the bunk, shop for premium-quality mattresses online, invest in form-fitting pillows and bedclothes made from natural fiber, and have mattresses and blankets steam-cleaned at least once in a few months. For peak health effects, look for allergen-proof bedware and invest in a reliable air filter to keep airborne irritants at bay.

No slip-and-falls sites in sight

Child Safe Solutions for the home

When kids are little, slip-and-falls are all too real a risk lurking on every slippery surface. Unless you’re ready to spend your days running after your toddler trying to save him from head-on collisions with hard surfaces, you should invest in non-slip mats and wall-to-wall carpeting. You can also dress the play area floor with easy-to-clean covers to prevent stubborn stains in case of accidental spills starring blueberry juice, beetroot puree, and similar highly tinted liquids.

Baby-safe home accessories

Child friendly home tips

Once you’ve eliminated all potential baby hazards from your home, you should go shopping for accessories wisely. Kids love to grab and throw, which is why you should opt for durable pieces crafted from PVC and wood, and avoid glass, porcelain, and other delicate materials. Another easy way to prevent your kid from getting injured during unsupervised playtime is to use knitted elements and furniture covers and keep fragile accessories out of their reach.

Keep a lid on electronics

As safe for adult use as they may be, electronics can be nasty business with babies in the house. To prevent short circuits and unpleasant surprises involving electronics or power outlets and liquid spills, make sure sensitive devices are out of your child’s reach or are at least switched off when you’re not around. You can also outfit sockets and power outlets with childproof covers to prevent little nosy parkers from sticking their fingers in when you’re not watching.

Home safety tips for children

Once the stork arrives to deliver a bundle of joy to your doorstep, take steps to childproof your gorgeous home right away. After all, it’s up to you as your kid’s caretaker to keep them healthy, safe, and happy, and if you’re still here, you now know how to turn your quarters into the lap of comfort and safety. Good luck!


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