Halloween Scavenger Hunt–Free Printable!

Halloween is less than two weeks away! Can you believe it? Time has flown by this year–I feel like yesterday was New Year’s Eve. I guess it’s been such a busy year for us that everything has sort of blended together. But I love the fall, and I love that we live in a place again where there are actual seasons so that I can experience the changing leaves. New Orleans is very near and dear to my heart, but it was hot out 350 days of the year, and it didn’t really let me embrace one of my favorite quotes, “I’m so glad I live in the world where there are Octobers.” Now that I live in Colorado, I’m surrounded by changing leaves and it’s so, so beautiful.

Now that Halloween is coming,  it’s time to start planning trick-or-treat routes in your neighborhoods and buying/making costumes. I remember how excited I was for trick-or-treating when I was younger. I mean how could you not love the idea of dressing up in a fun outfit and repeatedly getting free candy?! It’s like a child’s dream. But I also remember that after a little bit of walking, trick-or-treating would get monotonous. As a child, I had the attention span of a goldfish. I always wanted to be doing something, and when I was just walking around the neighborhood it would get a little old a little fast.

cgscavSo, what if you change it up this year? I came up with this little scavenger hunt to spice up the holiday for you. I think it would be really fun to have the kids have their own clipboards and printable scavenger hunts so that they can search for things while they’re trick-or-treating. This way the children have a competition to do with each other while walking around, instead of just walking door to door.

Here’s the game: Each child has to find as many items on their list as they can, without stealing another child’s answer. For example, if they’re looking for the “insect” costume, and someone spots a lady bug, than the other child needs to find a different insect. Otherwise everyone would have the same amount of items marked off on the list. Does that make sense? You can also have the kids write down each costume they saw that they marked off, so that you get to see what other children were dressing up as this year! But that’s optional–you can just stick to checking off the items if you wish to make it easier.

Now for the prize: This will have to vary household to household and make it fit with what your children will be excited about. But I would definitely stray away from any food-related prizes, as they’re about to bring in heaps of candy! Here are a few ideas I have for prizes:

Winning Child gets to:

Pick the movie for the night
Take their favorite piece of candy from each participant
Have an extra piece of candy before bed
Pick what’s for dinner the next night
Stay up an hour later

What do you think? Do you have any other ideas for prizes? Like I said, it’ll have to be something your children get excited about, so not all of these would apply. Whatever prize you choose though, I think your children would love adding a little spice to their trick-or-treating. You could take a fun holiday and turn it into a super memorable holiday.

You can download the free printable for the Halloween Scavenger Hunt here.

 Happy trick-or-treating, friends!

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    • Catherine Elsby says

      I’m so competitive when it comes to scavenger hunts, so it would have been so fun to do with my siblings!

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    Incredible! This blog looks just like my old one!
    It’s on a completely different topic but it has pretty
    much the same page layout and design. Wonderful choice of colors!
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