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In August, my boyfriend’s children, Grant and Bailey, moved in with Stephen, Aurora and I. We have a packed house now with all the little ones, and about a billion animals! Stephen and I worked really hard at making sure that Bailey and Grant felt at home in our house, and the first step to doing that was making bedrooms that they would love. For Grant, we made an awesome Minecraft bedroom, which is Stephen’s favorite room. I love Grant’s room too, but Bailey’s frog bedroom is much more my style.

Frog BedroomBailey absolutely loves frogs, so when we asked her what theme she wanted for her room, she immediately answered “frogs!” We had about a million ideas run through our heads, and we were stoked to get to decorating. So, let me be the first to welcome you to Miss Bailey Virginia’s frog room.

Frog Room 21First thing we did in the remodel process was furniture hunt–Craigslist to the rescue! Stephen found a beautiful bunk bed set on Craigslist for cheap that we snatched up. He had a vision in his head about what he wanted to do with the bed, and he brought that idea to fruition in our garage. Unfortunately I don’t have any “before” photos of the bed, but I do have plenty of “after” photos for you to marvel over.

Stephen wanted Bailey to be able to hangout under her bed and watch her frogs, since she usually sat for hours in our downstairs frog room (we’re a big frog house..) watching her frogs. But, he wanted her to be able to see the frogs from both sides, so he whipped out the Jig Saw and went to town. He bought a piece of plywood from Home Depot and stained it the color of the bed (since the original back of the bed was all banged up). Then, he measured the frog tank to decipher how big he wanted the “window” on the bed. Once he measured everything, he used the saw and cut the window. We then found some adorable trim with leaves carved into it at Home Depot and used that to frame the window and the plywood.

Once the window was all done, we assembled the bed in the room. We opted not to use the bottom bunk so that she could have a little hangout area under her bed. Here’s what the bed looked like set up, without any decorations yet:

Frog Room

Frog Room 2Riveting, I know. But look how adorable the right side looks with that window and trim!

And as I’m sure you can see, there’s little grass poking up from the ground. We hired a muralist, Gary from G. Go Decorative in Colorado, to paint a beautiful mural in the corner of the room. Here’s a nighttime photo of it, though there will be more glamour shots at the end of this post:

Frog RoomHe painted that entire thing in one day! Amazing, right?! Since the walls were already a darker shade of blue, we asked Gary to paint fireflies to imitate dusk, and we love how it came out. Bailey specifically asked for pink and green frogs, and Gary accommodated well.

Next, we went shopping for decorations and accessories! We found a blue and green comforter at Walmart and Stephen purchased an adorable pillowcase from the cutest Etsy shop, Heather Rogers Designs.

Girl's bedroom ideasWe then went shopping for my favorite part of the room, the hangout nook. This is the perfect little nook for Bailey to read in, or sit in and watch her frogs. We added lantern lights so that she could also hangout in there at night on weekends.

We bought a bunch of different colored pillows from Walmart so that she can be extremely relaxed under there! Plus, the cats like to use them as beds.

Reading Nook

Frog Room 5

Frog Room 6

Frog Room 7

Frog Room 12We snagged that green rug from Ikea, since we really wanted Bailey to feel like she was outside. This rug perfectly imitates grass while also being extremely soft and comfy.

Frog RoomWe then added some more decorations to the wall by the mural. We found the dresser on Craigslist (gotta love it!) and purchased the cutest frog hamper.

Frog Room 17

Frog Room 18For the life of me I cannot remember where we got those bookends, I’m sorry! But they’re still adorable nonetheless 🙂 And if anyone knows where I got them, please tell me.

Frog BookendsWe finished off the room with the welcome sign which we bought from Toad and Lily. They customized the sign for us to have a pink frog on it (since that’s not very normal…) and had it to our doorstep within a week of ordering! Great service.

Frog Room

Frog Room (49 of 59)And since we knew she needed a new book bag, we matched her bag to the theme. We found the perfect bag for her, equipped with cute frogs and pink and green.

Frog BookBagNow let me show off those glamour shots I was telling you about!

Frog Bedroom

Frog Room 9

Frog Room 10

Frog Room 12

Frog Room 21

Frog Room 22

Frog Room 25And just to show you how much she loves her room, and just how cute she is, here is the star of the room:

Frog RoomAnd here she is again showing off her backpack on her first day of school.

first day (4 of 4)What do you think?! Do you love this room as much as I do? I honesty contemplated kicking Bailey into our room and taking her room. But alas, I decided to be a good person and let her have it 🙂

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