Gift Guide for Men Part 2: Gifts Men Actually Want

It’s hard to buy gifts for men… I get it, believe me. That’s why when I made a Gift Guide for Men last year, wives and girlfriends went bonkers! That post is still one of my most viewed posts of all time which made me realize, my fellow women need more help buying gifts! I’m back this year with an even better gift guide for men. I mean, last year’s was good, but I really put a ton of thought into this year’s guide so you can spoil your man adequately.

gift guide for men

If you haven’t read my gift guide from 2015, let me recap for you why I began guiding women on buying present for their manly man. I’m engaged to a man who was in the Marine Corps for 10 years… this means that Stephen doesn’t really like cutesy gifts that are oh-so-popular on Pinterest and Etsy. He likes gifts for men. Gifts that men will actually use. Gifts that won’t get tossed in the junk drawer and live out their boring gift lives.

I made this guide because guys are hard to shop for, plain and simple. But with the help from each other, we can crack the code on how to give the best gifts to our men.

So ladies, I hope you enjoy 2016’s men’s gift guide.

**Affiliate links are indicated by an asterisk. This means I either received product for placement in this guide, or I receive a percentage of the profit when you click through and buy. This is at no extra cost to you, and helps keep this blog running. Thanks for your support!

what to buy your boyfriend for christmas1. Amazon Echo Dot*

For Stephen’s birthday this year, I bought him an Amazon Echo (Alexa), and she’s amazing. I don’t know who has more fun with it, he or I. Okay okay, I have more fun with it. I ask her to tell me jokes and to play me songs. She’s just great. And now, Amazon has come out with the Echo Dot, which is pretty much just a cuter version of Alexa. What’s cool about the Dot is you can ask her to order you pizza or an Uber, you can ask her to turn down the thermostat (a feature we use often on the Alexa) or the sprinklers for your lawn, you can ask her to play a song for you and then buy it if you want, you can ask her to set an alarm for you, and much more. These things are seriously so cool, and I think everyone should have one, especially your man.

coffee of the month club2. Atlas Coffee of the Month Club*

If you read the 2015 gift guide, you’ll know that I really love giving clubs and subscriptions as gifts. This monthly club is all about coffee: a drink that Stephen loves, and I’m sure most men love. Each month, your man will receive a new exotic coffee from a new country. Countries include Burundi, Ethiopia, Congo, etc. The coffees come with coffee facts, tasting notes, and recommended brewing methods. The coffee bags are also adorably designed according to local textiles & landscapes (ladies, I think this will make us happier than our men, but we have to look at it in the cabinet so it better be cute, right?). Also, the coffee is made to order, so they guarantee freshness. Love it.

gift ideas for men3. Wooden Watch*

I feel like wooden watches are so in right now, and I love that. I think they’re so cool looking. Being that I love all things rustic, I think these wooden watches have so much rustic charm. Stephen’s watch collection is up to about 13 watches now (he’s outgrown the watch box I got him last year), so I like to think of new ways to feed his watch craving, and I think this wooden trend is it. Most of his watches are metal/plastic, and he has one wooden one which he loves. I think it’s cool that this style matches so much. It’s kind of like jeans… they go with everything. Plus, they’re trendy, and we know we secretly love when our men are trendy, even if we’re the ones who have to make them trendy πŸ™‚

what to buy husband for christmas4. Fiberfix Repair Wrap*

This stuff is so freaking awesome. This repair wrap is 1000x stronger than duct tape. What?! That’s so crazy to me. This repair wrap hardens like steel. All you have to do is dip the tape in water, wrap it around whatever you need to fix, and it hardens in 10 minutes to give you a permanent repair. The wrap can even be sanded and painted after it cures. So freaking cool right?! What’s great is they have a variety of products like this, and they offer “Manly Man” kits that feature a bunch of their products. We received a few products to test out, and Stephen has been having so much fun with this stuff. I promise it’s worth trying out, and your man is going to absolutely love it.

gifts for boyfriend5. Omaha Steaks Absolute Feast*

What do men love more than steak? Not much. I got this idea from my grandparents, actually. For the past few years they’ve sent me a box of Omaha steaks for Christmas, and let me tell you, we thoroughly enjoy it. I love receiving food as gifts, especially delicious steaks. This absolute feast pack includes: 2 (5 oz.) Filet Mignons, 2 (6 oz.) Top Sirloins, 4 (4 oz.) Omaha Steaks Burgers, 4 (4 oz.) Caramel Apple Tartlets. Now that’s a delicious present. AndΒ  I know I rave about Omaha steaks, but I can’t sell the apple tartlets short: Those things are incredibly delicious. Luckily for me, Stephen doesn’t like cooked apples, so that’s more for me! I hope your man doesn’t like cooked apples either, so he can enjoy the steaks and you can enjoy the tartlets πŸ˜‰

gift ideas for husband6. BLACK+DECKER Lithium-Ion Drill and Project Kit*

When I asked Stephen for suggestions for this list, he said “power tools,” haha. What a man answer. So, for his sake, I added this kit to the list. I’m not going to lie, this kit really does include a ton of stuff for the price. It includes: a 20V Lithium drill, a Lithium Ion Battery, 66 hand tools and accessories, and a carrying bag. This is definitely a man’s dream drill set. I don’t even know how to use most of the accessory tools included in this, but I guess that’s why I ask Stephen to fix and hang everything for me πŸ™‚ Not ashamed. So, if your man has the standard answer of “power tools” when you ask him what he wants, I’m thinking this is the perfect gift for him.

manly men gift ideas7. Sports Team Bottle Opener

I always think a bottle opener is a fantastic gift, but especially when it’s decorated with your man’s favorite sports team. This is a great man cave gift, or a gift for a man that wants to pretend he has a man cave, haha! Most manly men follow sports religiously. I mean, at least football, right?! I love the convenience this brings, instead of having to rummage through the utensil drawer for the bottle opener. I also love that every time he sees it hanging on the wall, he’ll think of you. Plus sides to everything πŸ™‚ I haven’t personally ordered from this Etsy seller, but I’m an Etsy seller myself so I like to show support to other sellers. His reviews are fantastic though, and it sounds like he spends a lot of time making sure his customers receive exactly what they’re looking for and that they’re satisfied with the product. Win-win for everybody!

gift ideas for men8. Fizzics Revolutionary Beer System*
You guys, ever since I saw this on Shark Tank I’ve totally wanted one. I’m a girl who loves beer, and in my opinion, there are few things more delicious than a cold, draft beer at a bar. You can never quite achieve that same delicious, crisp taste at home with canned or bottled beer. THANK YOU FIZZICS FOR SOLVING THIS PROBLEM. You put your can or bottle in the machine, and it recreates the delicious, crisp draft taste. It seriously sounds like magic. I know this is a gift guide for men, but I’m thinking that Santa may gift me one of these this year, and by that I mean I have one sitting in my Amazon cart waiting for checkout… But in all seriousness, I absolutely love this idea, and I think it’s such a unique gift for men.

christmas gifts for men9. USA Beer Cap Map*

My sister bought one of these USA beer cap maps a few years back for her husband, and I thought it was the coolest thing (he’s since painted it in red, white and blue and it looks even cooler, if you’re looking to take your gift a step further). Basically, your husband/boyfriend would collect bottle caps from the states he goes to, and fill them in the spaces. Such a neat concept, and awesome decoration for a man cave. You could even pair it with a 6-pack to get him started!

christmas gifts for boyfriend10. Whiskey Stones & Glasses Set*

A few years ago I gave Stephen whiskey stones as a gift (I tell you, this gift guide was definitely made from gifts that were well received by him), and I wish I had discovered this little set before I purchased that. I love the box, I love the stones, I love the glasses. It’s perfect. What’s really awesome about this set is that they offer a 90-day money-back guarantee. It’s always nice when people believe in their product enough to offer that. Anyways, the whiskey stones are made from granite and can be reused forever, and the box is made from beautiful pine wood. I love this set.

whiskey gift ideas11. Make-Your-Own-Whiskey Barrel*

We have this exact whiskey barrel sitting on our counter, no joke. This is another gift I got for Stephen a few years back, and I’m confident in saying it’s one of the most well-received gifts I’ve ever given him. My mom actually gave one to her boyfriend last year too! I guess it runs in the family. When I bought Stephen’s, he let his whiskey age for about 8 month before we tried any, and oh my gosh it was some of the best whiskey I’ve ever tasted. And believe me, I’ve tasted a lottttt of whiskey. Plus, I think stuff always tastes better when you make it yourself since you can taste the effort that actually went into it. And, every time Stephen lets people taste his whiskey (not often), he tells the story of when he got the barrel, and it’s so fun!

manly gift ideas12. Folding Wood Cigar Ashtray Set w/ Cutter*

Most men love smoking a good cigar for holidays or special occasions (or just a random Tuesday)… but most don’t have an ashtray and cutting set. I think this gift could be really cool if you give it alongside some Cuban cigars (this is the only type of cigar I know of…). If your hubby is a cigar smoker, this is just something nice to have in the cabinet. My family had cigars the other day for Thanksgiving, and they ended up cutting the tips of the cigars with a knife since no one had a cutter. This would definitely have come in handy!

Gifts for men13. People’s Choice Jerky Sample Boxes*

Guyyyyyys. This is not an affiliate link in the sense that I get a commission from sales, but I did receive product to review in case I wanted to include it in the gift guide. I would not include it if I didn’t believe in the product. Well, guess what? The jerky is freaking delicious, and I couldn’t imagine not including it in this year’s guide. I’ve been munching on jerky all day for the past few days. What I love about this brand is that the company is a family company–four generations in the making–who really focuses on the craftsmanship and handmade aspect of the art of making jerky. The second thing I love is they offer jerky boxes, which is perfect for a gift! A box full of delicious jerky?! Sign me up. The jerky box categories are: simple & savory, sweet tooth, some like it hot, health nut, and one of everything. If you’re like me, you would definitely order the “one of everything.” Now, excuse me while I open my pack of sriracha jerky.

Best presents for men14. Harry’s Shave Kit*

What do most men do daily? Shave! Unless you’re dating a bearded man, then see gift #17 πŸ˜‰ But honestly, even if he does have a beard, he probably still shaves to keep everything looking together! Harry’s offers shave kits that are fantastic. We received the Winter Winston set and Stephen has been loving it. It’s hard to find shave gel that’s effective and likeable, but this shave gel is truly awesome. And if you care about the packaging like I do, I would give Harry’s an A++ on packaging and delivery. The set came in the most adorable box, sealed with packing tape that was adorned with razors and shaving accessories. I had so much fun opening this box, and it wasn’t even for me πŸ™‚

christmas idea for men15. NFL Jersey

In the same category as the previous present, an NFL jersey is a fantastic gift. Most manly men love football, right? Everyone has their team (go Giants!), and most likely a favorite player (go Eli!). There are also options to get your last name on the back of the jersey, which is a cool personalized idea. This gives him something to wear to that game you just bought tickets for, or for every Sunday from here on out. A jersey is thoughtful, useful, and will score you a lot of points (pun intended). And if he already has a jersey, you can always get him another player!

man gifts for the office16. Mini Table Top Pool Table*

I love this mini pool table idea for the office. See, I work from home, so I’m always taking breaks to do chores or run errands, or I put on Netflix in the background. When someone works a 9-5 office job, they don’t have that luxury, so they may need something to fiddle with on their desk. Enter: Adorable pool set. Correction: Manly adorable pool set. I envision this developing a little office rivalry or competition…maybe even a tournament? So if you’re man works a 9-5, help his day be a little more fun! (And if you work a 9-5 I totally support you getting one of these too) There are also various tabletop games on Amazon and other toy stores if your man doesn’t enjoy pool.

mountain man gift idea17. Beard Grooming Kit*

Ever since Stephen got out of the Marine Corps. two years ago, he’s been growing a beard. That’s why when his brother gave him a beard grooming kit last year, he was thrilled. He honestly uses this daily, whether it’s the brush, the oil, the beard wax… at least some component, if not all, is used on the regular. This set includes stainless steel scissors, 5″ beard/mustache comb, 100% natural boar bristle brush, and top-rated organic bear oil made with argan oil and jojoba oil. That’s seriously everything your man could need to keep his beard from looking scraggly (a little scraggly is OK, but we all know how it is when it’s too scraggly). So if your man is a bearded man or a mountain man, this gift is for you.

best present ideas for men18. Wallet Money Clip

I’m closing out this year’s gift guide with another Etsy item. Wallets are a classic idea, but what I love about this specific wallet is the built-in money clip and the personalized factor. It’s also not big and bulky like a lot of other wallets tend to be. It has 6 card slots and a money clip–to me, there’s nothing else you need in a wallet, especially since no one really carries change anymore :-). This seller also offers a lot of other great products that are worth checking out.

Alright, that’s a wrap (also pun intended)! I hope this has given you ideas for what to buy your man. I know no matter what you give him, he’s going to love it, especially if you put a lot of thought into it. Happy shopping πŸ™‚

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