FREE Printable: Butterflies

Hi friends! I love presents, especially giving them. SO, today, I’ve decided to give you a present! This is the first FREE printable I’m offering (one of many more to come) and I hope you love it as much as I do.

I have not disclosed fully my obsession with butterflies to you all. But, I think now’s the time. I love them. I think they are beautiful, elegant, colorful, free-spirited, etc. I constantly have a butterfly ring on my finger to remind myself to always stay free and embrace life’s beauty.

With that in mind, butterflies inspired this printable. I love this quote so much, and as far as I know the author is unknown–but I praise whoever he/she is.

Without further ramblings, happy Thursday friends.

Download your free printable here or click on the photo below.

FREE Butterfly Printable


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