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I love everything that this little earth has given to me–it gives me oxygen, flowers, trees, water, fire, nutrients, fruits, vegetables, and the list goes on and on. It’s so giving, however I think our society has lost track of the importance of giving back to her.

I think everyone should participate in an earth day activity, whether it be planting flowers, planting trees, recycling, cleaning up garbage, etc. Anything that shows that you care for the earth is perfect for this holiday.

One of my favorite earth day quotes of all time is: “After visiting the beach, I will never understand how we live in a material world.” It’s so saddening that we stay inside and watch TV and play video games when there’s endless amounts of beauty, fun, and serenity outside.

So for this earth day, I wanted to give you all this free earth day printable (it would be great if you printed it on recycled paper!) to remind you just how important this earth is to all of us. It’s what connects us to people on the other side of the world–it’s what brings us together.

You can download the printable here.

earth day printable


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