DIY Sponge Painted Minecraft Walls

When my boyfriend’s son moved into our house, he requested an awesome Minecraft room. Luckily for him, and Stephen’s vision, we delivered.The first part of the awesome Minecraft room equation was the DIY fort bed, and the second part was the Minecraft walls.

Minecraft WallsWhen we were first researching Minecraft walls, we came across countless murals and decals for sale. However, they just weren’t in our budget. Spending several hundreds of dollars on a wall decal just seemed insane for us. So, Stephen and I decided to tackle it ourselves.

Grant’s room was already painted blue prior to him moving in, which was lucky for us since we wanted to do an outdoor Minecraft room.

Minecraft WallsOn top of the blue, we wanted to paint dirt blocks, grass blocks, and a tree. But I knew that stenciling each and every pixel in the Minecraft style would take forever, and this was a time-sensitive project. That’s when Stephen came up with the idea to use sponges! Brilliant, right?

But first, we taped off the wall into sections.

Minecraft Walls

Minecraft Room 3

Minecraft Room 4

Minecraft Room 5We taped off one layer of dirt and grass across the bottom of the whole wall. On the left side, we taped off two more layers of dirt and grass blocks to form a hill. And then on the right side we taped the tree trunk.

From Home Depot, we bought sample sizes of three different greens (a light, medium, and darker green), and three different browns (again, a light, medium and darker brown).

We painted the dirt base and the tree trunk with the medium brown.

Minecraft Walls

Minecraft Room 7Once that dried, we painted the grass sections with the medium green color.

Minecraft WallsThen, Stephen taped off the top of the tree.

Minecraft WallsOnce that was all taped off (good job, Stephen!), we cut the sponges into squares.

Minecraft WallsThen, we sponge painted the light brown & dark brown colors onto the dirt blocks. We didn’t really have a system here–we just sponged wherever looked right. Once done with the brown, we did the same think with the grass blocks.

Minecraft Walls

Minecraft Room 11

Minecraft Room 13Then, I lightly sponged the leaves of the tree.

After everything dried, we sat back and admired our work!

Minecraft Walls

Minecraft Room 17

Minecraft Room 18We absolutely love how our Minecraft walls came out, and so does Grant! It really put the kapow in the room that we were looking for. Plus, it was a lot more fun to do then just buying a silly old decal 🙂



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