DIY Rustic Produce Box

Yay, guess what day it is?! It’s Monthly Home Depot Gift Challenge reveal day! Each month, a group of lovely bloggers and I make a project with the same item from Home Depot (though this post is in no way sponsored by Home Depot). The reason why I love this day so much, is that I get to share with you the incredible creativity of everyone who is involved in this challenge. Seriously, these ladies blow me away every single month. The brilliance andΒ  talent that this group exudes seriously astounds me, and I’m so humbled to be apart of it.

This month’s item we needed to incorporate into a project was the trusty 2×4. You would think there are so many things you can do with a 2×4, however I was stumped when I was thinking about what I wanted to do. There were almost too many possibilities. So when I was brainstorming ideas with my boss at work (tough job, I know…), she recommended making a rustic produce box. That was it!

diy rustic produce boxI love when you can make something new and still make it look old and vintage. That was exactly my goal for this project. I wanted it to resemble an old farmer’s market box that you would bring home after the market to sit on your counter and house all of your glorious new vegetables and fruits.

diy rustic produce box

diy rustic produce boxShe’s such a beauty <3

Let’s jump right into the tutorial, shall we?

First you’ll need the following materials:

diy rustic produce box– 8 pieces of 15.5″ 2x4s (you can have Home Depot cut them for you!)
-4 pieces of 11.25″ 2x4s
– Wood glue
– Sand paper/hand sander
– Green paint (or whichever color/stain you choose)
– White paint
– Paint brush and sponge (not pictured)
– 2 pieces of hardware for handles
– Wood shavings (optional)

Start by sanding the edges of your wood until they’re smooth. My edges were super rough so I used my power hand sander, but if your edges aren’t that bad you can just smooth them down with a piece of sand paper.

Next, take your wood glue and glue the wood together in pairs of two, matching the 15.5″ pieces together and the 11.25″ pieces together.

diy rustic produce box

fresh produce 3

fresh produce 4Do not glue on the rug like I did–that proved to not be my smartest idea. I didn’t take into account the glue drippings, whoopsies! Steve was not the happiest, and he asked me (okay, made me) move all of my wood onto a paper bag, resulting in my pieces coming apart and having to glue them back together. eeeek! Next time I know that glue drips… which I’m pretty sure I learned in pre-school, but oh well. Anyways…

Let the glue set. Once it sets, glue together two of the 15.5″ pieces.

diy rustic produce boxLet dry. Then, glue the sides on, starting with the left side, then the middle 11.25″ pieces, then the right side.

diy rustic produce boxI didn’t use anything to hold the pieces together, but you could try clamps or wrapping wire around the box to stabilize it.

Once the glue is completely dry (let it dry overnight), paint it in the color that you choose.

diy rustic produce boxI just absolutely love that green, don’t you? It’s subtle enough to be neutral and rustic, but bright enough to make a statement. I can’t wait to paint everything with it. Nothing is safe.

For the lettering, I used my Silhouette Portrait to print out “Fresh Produce.” If you don’t have a Silhouette, then you can freehand the letters, but the Silhouette will make your life a lot easier πŸ™‚

Now, don’t make fun of my vinyl situation going on here. These were the only scraps of vinyl I had in my drawer, so I had to make due with what I had! I’m trying to make black & blue come back in style, I guess.

diy rustic produce boxOnce you have your vinyl centered and adhered to your box, then take your sponge and sponge on the white paint. The sponge adds a bit of texture to the lettering, which also helps with the rustic feel.

diy rustic produce boxOnce the white dried, I peeled the vinyl off and use my sander to sand the edges of the box. I love a good sanded edge! I also love when natural wood pokes through paint to say a little “hello.”

Next, attach your handles. I used a drill to do this, but it really all will depend on what handles you choose. We threw around the idea of making the handles out of rope too which I think could be really awesome! Of course we threw around the idea after I had already attached my handles… but that’s okay, I’m still in love with these ones so I have no regrets.

diy rustic produce boxI got the handles at Home Depot–aren’t they beauties? And they were only $1.50 a piece. Score!

I then filled my box with wood shavings, for display purposes. This step is totally optional, but I feel that it adds a little pizzazz to the box… also, I just really like saying the word “pizzazz.”

diy rustic produce boxOkay, okay, you caught me. I didn’t add the handles on until after I put the wood shavings in… but I realized after the fact that the more logical order would’ve been to put the handles on first. So, I’ll save you the headache of making a mess and encourage you to attach them prior to filling the box with wood shavings.

Now, fill with your glorious fresh produce and display proudly!

diy rustic produce box

fresh produce 16

fresh produce 18Aren’t 2x4s deceivingly fun?! What I love most about them is that they’re only about $2.50 a piece, which is incredible! You get so much wood for that price. All in all, this box cost about $15 to make–so awesome! DIY Rustic Produce Box for the win!

Now, I encourage you (like really, really encourage) to go check out the other projects from this month. You’ll see just how versatile that little deceiving 2×4 is and you’ll see how many amazing projects you can do! Just click on an image below to be taken to the tutorial.

See ya soon <3

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    Yay, these really look cute and also seems easy to make. I think I am going to try to make one of these to keep some fruits πŸ™‚ Thanks a lot for sharing and keep up the great work over here.



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