DIY Reversible Flower Girl Sign

One of my favorite types of signs to make for clients are weddings signs! Knowing that I’m trusted to help make someone’s most special day even more memorable is just so exciting! Recently, one of my sister’s friends came to me with an idea for her flower girl sign that I thought was adorable and unique, and I was totally on board with painting it for her.

DIY Revresible Flower Girls Sign |

Her idea was a reversible sign with “Daddy here comes Mommy” on the front of it for the initial walk down the aisle (they already have children together), and then “Finally! Now let’s Party” on the back of it for the walk back down the aisle after the ceremony. I just loved the idea of a reversible sign! I’ve painted a few flower girl signs in the past for clients, but never thought of making a reversible one. Brilliant!

Now, obviously the sayings can be changed according to the bride and groom’s situation, not everyone has children when they’re married, so the “Daddy here comes Mommy” wouldn’t work for everyone. However, I think the “Finally! Now let’s Party” would work for most people. Alternate sayings for the original side could be:

[Groom’s name], Here comes your bride!
Last chance to run, [Groom’s name]!
Here comes the love of your life!
[Groom’s name], Here comes your girl!
Has anybody seen the rings? (If it’s a ring bearer)

But be creative! Those are just common sayings for flower girl signs. It’s fun to change it up and make it personal. Add an inside joke, or something to make your friends laugh! Or go with something more sentimental if that works better for the two of you. Remember, it’s your day.

All right, so, here is an easy way to make your own reversible sign:


One piece of wood (Mine was 15″x11″)
Acrylic paint for background color
Acrylic paint for font color
Two paint brushes (one thick for the background and one fine-tipped for font)
Printer with printer paper
Painter’s tape or masking tape
Small metal hooks


Paint your wood sign the color of your choice.

DIY Reversible Flower Girls Sign |

Design your quotes on your computer with a Design program. I used PicMonkey but you could also use Photoshop. When you have your design, print it to a size proportionate to your piece of wood. I printed my design on 4 sheets of paper (2×2). Tape your papers together and position it on your wood where you want it to be. Tape the paper securely to the wood.

DIY Reversible Flower Girl Sign |

Now, take your pen and trace over the letters of your sign firmly. This will leave an indent in your wood. Take your fine-tipped paint brush and fill in your indented letters (it’s like coloring in the lines in a coloring book).

DIY Reversible Flower Girl Sign |

When your first side dries, spray it with your clear protective paint to prevent chipping. Let it dry for 30 minutes and flip it over to the other side. Repeat the tracing and painting on the other side and spray with protective spray.

After the sign completely dries, drill two holes on top of the sign, about 1.5 inches from the edges. Screw your hooks into the holes.

DIY Reversible Flower Girl Sign |

Cut your ribbon according to the height of your flower girl. You can play with this a little and the height doesn’t have to be perfect because you can adjust the bow in the back to fix the length.

And voila, you now have an adorable DIY sign for your flower girl for a perfect rustic wedding 🙂

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A big thanks to Aurora for modeling for me!

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