DIY Mudroom Storage Crates

As a lot of you know, we recently moved from New Orleans to Colorado. With this move, we’ve had to adjust to a lot of things, one of the biggest being the weather! It was warm in Nola pretty much the whole year, with the exception of a few weeks. Colorado, however, is quite different. We moved here in the fall, right before the Colorado winter, which wasn’t forgiving. For our first winter here we were hit with multiple snow storms, and it wasn’t an easy adjustment from the warmth of Louisiana.

And with the snow comes excess snow gear. We had a Christmas cookie tin acting as our hats, gloves, scarves, etc. holder, but it was overflowing and just not very cute. So we decided we needed a more attractive storage area where all of our snow gear would comfortably sit.

diy mudrroom storage

mudroom storage 8I absolutely love the way these came out, and it’s such a sigh of relief not having that eye-sore of a tin can just sitting by our front door overflowing with all of our winter accessories. Now it looks clean, tidy, and pretty. My kind of storage.

I started with these crates and baskets, both of which I got from Michaels.

DIY Mudroom Storage CratesThose baskets were 50% off and I’m obsessed with them. I think they’re so gorgeous.

After I had the supplies I needed from Michaels, I headed to Home Depot to pick out the stain I wanted. I originally was going to go with a brown, but then I thought that a nice shade of blue would be perfect. Especially because I plan on redoing our front room into an old Americana theme (spoiler alert). I decided on the Atlantic stain at Home Depot.

I applied three layers of stain to the crates and let them dry for about 48 hours. They came out perfectly–I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful colored stain.

Once dry, I had my handsome helper mount them to the wall using 4 drywall anchors for each crate. I wanted them to be really secure. I know right now they only house light accessories, but who knows what will be stored in there in the summer–plus our cats like to climb on everything and one of our cats is overweight, so I wanted to make sure the crates could hold him. Sorry Marshall.

Then I put in the baskets, and voila! Beautiful and efficient mudroom storage. Perfect for all your little accessories and items you need to grab on your way out the door!

DIY Mudroom Storage Crates

mudroom storage 4

mudroom storage 5

mudroom storage 6


mudroom storage 9Now that you’ve seen my new organization, I’d love to see yours! Do you have any fancy mudroom secrets?


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  1. Shirley says

    Hi…Just curious to know what the name of the stain is that you used? I really love this idea and you all did a great job on this project!!

  2. says

    These storage crates are gorgeous! I’m definitely taking your idea for myself and this new storage will be done right tomorrow. I’m expecting a lot of guests during holidays so none of these will be unnecessary in our mudroom. Thank you for sharing this great idea!


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