DIY Mountain Walls

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When we moved to Colorado, one of the things that Stephen really wanted was a mountain view. After weeks of searching for the perfect house, we purchased one, but sadly it did not have the mountain view he wanted–although it was/is equipped with tons of other awesome things. However, Aurora was still stuck on having a “mountain” view, so I decided to create one for her in her room.
DIY Mountain Walls with cloud tutorialHaving a faux mountain view may be even better than having a real one, because you are surrounded by the mountains! And, you can even see them when it’s cloudy out 🙂

Since there are a lot of pictures in this post, I’m going to do less talking and more showing. So, let’s start with how the room looked before I took a paint roller to the wall. It was bright green, which definitely did not fit Aurora. She loves her blues.

DIY Mountain Walls with cloud tutorialThere was nothing wrong with that color, it just wasn’t our taste. So the first step was to tape and tarp, because I am an extremely messy painter and the house had brand new rugs! Next, I painted the walls in a light blue (Sea Rover by Behr).

DIY Mountain Walls with cloud tutorialSoooo much more “Aurora” than that green shade before. And we wanted it to really look like the sky, that’s why we landed on that color. After the blue was dry–I let it dry for a full 24 hours –I free handed some white snow hills on the walls.

DIY Mountain Walls with cloud tutorial

mountain walls (4 of 13)I added multiple layers (two, and three in some spots) of white paint for better coverage because the blue had a habit of shining through. Make sure to vary the sizes of the hills. No two snow hills are the same height, so I just alternated between big and smalls hills. And the awesome thing about free handing these hills is that there is no exact science to a snow hill, so you can make them bigger or smaller as you please if you don’t end up liking the way that they look.

Once the hills were dry–I gave it another 24 hours–I taped off my mountains with painter’s tape.

DIY Mountain Walls with cloud tutorialI also alternated the mountains from big to small, because I wanted a bit of variety. I put some medium-sized mountains in there as well. I taped all four walls, because the mountains surround the room, but here you can see the gist of it.

Once I was satisfied with the tape, I painted the mountains in a grey color.

DIY Mountain Walls with cloud tutorial

mountain walls (7 of 13)Look, they’re already starting to look like mountains! Yay! I let these dry for about two hours and then I came back and painted the snow tops on the mountains. I did this with sort of a white washing technique. I wanted you to be able to still see the grey underneath and I wanted it to look like real snow. So, I dipped my brush in a little bit of white paint and dabbed it on instead of applying full coats.

DIY Mountain Walls with cloud tutorialAnd once those were dry, I removed the painters tape and had beautiful mountains!

But I wasn’t done with the room–Aurora went on an on about how she wanted a cloud ceiling as well. You can find that tutorial here.

So, I painted the ceiling with clouds and then added a few clouds to the wall so that it would blend better. And there you have it, a full mountain room that Aurora adores!

DIY Mountain wall with cloud tutorial

mountain walls (10 of 13)

mountain walls (11 of 13)

mountain walls (12 of 13)

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