DIY Design Ideas for the Perfect Home Office

Hi readers! I have Zoe Clark here today giving some amazing DIY design ideas for the perfect home office. Zoe is an incredible writer with great style and design tips and I’m so excited to have her here. You can read more about Zoe at the end of the post, but for now, take it away Zoe!

Working from home, whether it is some kind of creative work, hobby, computer business, writing or something alike, you don’t always need a large space. You would usually need a single desk with several shelves, drawers and a comfortable chair to create a nice home office. What gives it soul and increases productivity are the details, little things, ornaments, accessories, and above all tidiness.

Design Ideas for the home officeFor a small working place the space that is the size of a closet is sufficient, and it could be found in everyone’s home. If you are clever and imaginative, you can make what you need the most yourself. Of course, you can purchase everything, but in that case it can be more difficult to achieve compactness and reduce everything to a comfortable minimum.

Arrange pens, pencils, brushes and scissors in a more creative way. For this you will need a few glass jars and glue. Wash the jars with warm water and glue them to each other. When the glue is dry, turn them to the side and you can get pretty containers for your office stationery.

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Keep all the little things in one place. In regular drawers you can lose pencil sharpeners, paper clips, keys and stickers so take the mold for muffins, put it in the drawer and place your small office necessities in it.

Sort the mail, invoices or documents. If your desk is full of unread mail, unpaid bills and documents to be archived, you need a piece of fabric, thread and needle, a little imagination and you yourself can make a document holder. Make four compartments and call them ‘pay’, ‘sort’, ‘conduct’, ’archive’ and in ten minutes you will sort out the mess on your desk.

Make a cabinet from shoe boxes. Attach the shoe boxes with bulldog paper clips and get a small cabinet where you can put all those papers, notebooks and books lying on your desk. To make them look more beautiful, wrap the shoe boxes in decorative paper.

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Change the look of your walls without painting. Decorate your wall with colorful ribbons and secure them one over the other to get the desired shape with pins. In addition, add a few photos, paper figures, cards, or drawings and you will enjoy every moment you spend in your office.

Create a place for business cards and spare pens. In addition to storing photos, you can use a photo frame for office purposes. Remove the glass and in its place put a canvas on which you previously put small pockets. Close the frame and set it on the desk. Be sure that you’ll always find a spare pen and business cards thanks to this small masterpiece made by your own hands.

There had to be times when you needed a USB cable, and you’ve taken the wrong one. To prevent this, take the bulldog paper clips, attach them to the desk and in the blink of an eye, get the cable retainers.

Getting a cabinet with wheels is a good choice when choosing your office furniture, because it is easy to put the cabinet under the desk when you do not need it. Moreover, two small desks can be more useful than one that is larger. Two small desks, one near the other, placed in the arrow position will make everything you need at your reach, while on the other hand, none of that will bother you while you work.

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Designing a home office in the middle of an ordinary residential area may not be the easiest job in the world, but it’s far from being unmanageable. Actually, this problem can be easily converted into a very interesting and creative project. What you need is the right idea and a bit of imagination to turn that one part of home into a functional workplace with a personal touch.


Author bio:

Zoe Clark is a proud mom of one little girl and one miniature schnauzer. Being a work-at-home mom and a decorator enthusiast, Zoe designed her own home office. She loves it because it helped her stay focused on her job, while being compact, inspirational and kids/pets friendly. You can find her blogging at Smooth decorator.

To keep up with Zoe, be sure to follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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    Hi there Cat, I was looking for some office arrangement design ideas that I can adopt in our stationery and after reading your post I really feel inspired and really grasped something that I will be trying. Thanks a lot for sharing.


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    Although I don’t own a home office but I hope that I would be able to use some of these ideas for my client’s office designing.
    Lovely post buddy..!!!! 🙂


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