DIY Children’s Bedroom Sign w/ Paper Flowers

Today is my birthday! I turn into a small child on my birthday and get super excited about everything. I’m even wearing a tiara as we speak, but that’s not important.

What these past 24 years have taught me is that life is incredible and people are amazing. This whole weekend I’ve had friends and family constantly reminding me how blessed I am and that I’ve handpicked some of the best people in the world to share my life with.

I just want to let you all know I’m very picky, so if you’re in my life, it means I really, really like you.

Now onto bigger things—because it’s my birthday and I’ve been showered with wonderful gifts, I want to share a gift with you all! For the rest of August you can use the coupon code “RUSTICBIRTHDAY” at my etsy shop and receive 10% off any custom sign or photograph! Just go to the “Shop” tab at the top of this page and look around! If you don’t see anything that tickles your fancy, I do custom orders too. This little gift is a “thank you” for continuously reading my blog and being the best readers ever.

Now on to my tutorial. I made this darling little sign for my friend Zoie’s little munchkin. She had her first birthday, and I thought her room could use a little personalized sign!

DIY Children's bedroom sign

Zoie is extremely fun and loving and an awesome friend, so I picked a quote that I thought represented her personality perfectly. And her baby’s room colors are yellow, grey and green.

I’m going to stop blabbering now and teach you how to make an adorable sign!


1 piece of wood
4 buttons
1 background paint color
1 font paint color
Paint brushes
2 pieces of different scrapbook paper
Hot glue
Clear Protective Spray
Mod Podge
Ceiling Hooks
White Ribbon
Painter’s tape
Depending on what kind of wood you’re using, start by sanding down the sides. Then, paint the front and sides of the sign in your background color (I used pale yellow).

While the sign is drying, head to your computer and type the name and quote you want. I used separate sheets of paper, but you could definitely use the same if you want—I just wanted mine a bit more spread out. I used two different types of fonts—Lucida Calligraphy for the name, and Arial bold for the quote.

Next, tape your paper onto the wood and trace over the words with a pen, pressing down a little harder than you normally would when you’re writing, but not too hard. This will make an indent in the wood of where the words are.


After you’re done tracing, remove the paper and you will see your quote on the wood. Take a small paint brush and paint along the indented words. This is a super easy trick to make personalized signs for those of us who don’t own a silhouette machine! The words come out straight and even, but it still has a handmade touch to it, which I love.


Once the paint is dry, spray the clear protective spray on the sign to prevent any chipping in the future. Make sure to do this outside.

Next, we’ll make the flowers.

The first flower requires you to have some sort of round object, I used the bottom of my paint pod and the bottom of a small glass for these. Trace your circle five times on one of your scrapbook pages. Cut the circles out. Cut a small circle (doesn’t have to be perfect, no one’s going to see this circle) for the back of the flower.


Take one of the circles and fold it in half.


Now, fold the bottoms of each half in half, like this:


Repeat this for the five circles. Now, take your hot glue gun and glue down each circle to the smaller background circle until it looks like a flower.


For the next flower, you’ll need your second piece of scrapbook paper. Cut a 1.5 inch strip out of the paper—it doesn’t have to be perfectly straight.

Fold the paper like an accordion, like this:


Once it’s all folded, hot glue the ends together like this:


Cut a small circle out of the paper for the background of the flower. Press the inside edges of the accordion flower down so that it’s flat—glue the flower onto the background circle.


Repeat these flower steps for as many flowers as you want on your sign. When you’re done, get your Mod Podge out and a paint brush and mod podge each flower. (I am not a neat mod podger).


Once the mod podge is dry (I let mine dry overnight), hot glue your buttons to the centers of the flowers.

Decide how you want your flowers arranged and hot glue them to the board.

Next, drill holes in the top of your sign 1.5 inches in from the edge on either side. Screw the ceiling hooks into the holes.


Finally, measure your ribbon out the length you want. Hook it through both hooks and tie a bow at the top—this will make it easy to hang from the wall in a cute way!

And tah-dahhhhh! You have the cutest sign for your child’s bedroom.

Hope you all had a good weekend, thanks for celebrating my birthday with me <3


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  1. Melissa Smith says

    Oh I love that sign! I’ll have to make one for each of my children (especially since you have a super simple tutorial – thank you). And HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🙂

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