Cross Stitch Pegboard Heart

It’s time for the Home Depot challenge again! Yay! Every month, some of my favorite bloggers and I get together to try to make a project from one specific item found at Home Depot. This month, our object of choice was pegboard.

home depot graphicLet me tell you, this one was tough. After some long, hard deliberating, I decided I wanted to just do some simple, yet fun wall art for my craft room. I had this huge blank, white wall above my painting table–I just wanted to put something up there that would make me smile every day.

cross stitch pegboard heartMy favorite color, as most of you may know already, is turquoise. So I knew I wanted that to be the background color. And from there, I just took the idea of a cross stitch pegboard heart and ran with it.

Materials needed for this project:

2.5 ft. x 2 ft. pegboard
White yarn
Hot glue gun
Paint in the color of your choice
Paint brush

Start off by painting your board in the color that you choose.

cross stitch pegboard heartNext, have your dog model with it. This is a crucial step, or else you won’t get that cute factor that’s present in the next picture:

cross stitch pegboard heartBravo is literally the best assistant. Whenever I’m in my craft room, he always comes in and hangs out with me.

While your board is drying, heat up your hot glue gun. Glue the tip of your yarn to make it hard and easier to poke through your peg board holes–I let mine drip down a little bit so it kind of looked like the end of a shoelace.

Once your board is dry, pull about 3.5 feet of yarn through your starting hole (your start hole will depend on how big you cut your pegboard. You’ll want to map it out to make sure your heart will be even on both sides).

cross stitch pegboard heartStart to form x’s with your yarn, and pull all of the yarn through each time.

cross stitch pegboard heartContinue stitching until you’ve made the shape you want–in my case it was a heart! Feel free to add more x’s or less x’s as you desire.

I stitched the outer layer of the heart first.

cross stitch pegboard heartAnd then went on to do the inner layer of the heart.

Once I completed that, I decided I loved how it looked and wanted to stop there. I want it to be more minimalist then cluttered!

cross stitch pegboard heart

pegboard 10

pegboard 11Don’t pay any mind to my messy paint table. I like to stick to the phrase, “You can’t be organized and creative at the same time.”

I love how simple yet fun this project was, and I love that you can take it in so many different directions! If you don’t like hearts, cross stitch an arrow, or a star, or an abstract picture… or anything!

Now,Β  don’t forget to stop by the rest of the projects in the challenge this month. These ladies blow me away–can you believe how many amazing ideas you can do with a pegboard?!

Just click on an image below to be taken to the tutorial!

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