5 Things People With Gorgeous Homes Always Do

Hi friends! I have Zoe Clark here again today teaching us 5 things people with gorgeous homes always do. Zoe’s a regular around here, and we love having her stop by. You can read more about Zoe at the end of the post.

Have you ever seen a home that made you privately whistle in awe? Beautiful homes never stay that way for long without tender, love, and care. But TLC does not boil down to regular cleaning and an odd repair, mind you: you need to court your living area like a real lady if you want it to return the affection through lasting grace and charm. Here are top five things every proud homeowner should do if they want their living space to become – and stay – as gorgeous as it can be.

5 Things People with gorgeous homes always doLauren Conrad

1. Treat it with respect

In your quarters pop a fuse or come down with a leak, make sure you take care of the damage before it gets out of hand. Leaky faucets, faulty wiring, and loose trims reduce both your home’s functionality and its appeal – and such minor defects have a nasty habit of exacerbating over time. This is why fixing them right off will save you money, hassle and peace of mind over the long term. Also, do not forget to install custom blinds and shades: an extra coat of protection in the window area will both upgrade your home’s insulation and keep nosy neighbors out of your private life.

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2. Buy it flowers and pretty things

A simple bouquet can do wonders for even the dullest of backdrops – and in gorgeous homes, a bunch of roses or an eye-catching organic detail will add the perfect final touch and spruce up the ambiance. You can also achieve this effect by adding a potted plant or flower pot to the living room: on top of the charm, live plants will also keep the mood positive and the air fresh and fragrant.

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3. Appreciate its individuality

No home is perfect from floor to ceiling, but focusing on the negatives will only foster daily dissatisfaction and spread bad vibes throughout the place. Add an individual touch to your living space by tasteful DIY wall art, chic display of accessories that reflect your personality and quirks, kitchen modernization or by creating a focal point to draw attention away from small home shortcomings. A few simple and cost-efficient modifications can go a long way in home-keeping, and they will make you fall in love with the space in spite of that tiny bathroom or poor curb appeal.

5 Things People with gorgeous homes always doRue Mag

4. Keep it gracefully naked…

Declutter your home every once in a while to keep it functional, tidy and graceful. Let go of the items you never actually use, clean out ungainly mess from closets, kitchen, hallway, and bathroom, and donate seldom worn clothes to charity. Remember: a lovely home is not just a place to store your gear and check in for a nightly shuteye; it is a spot you are supposed to enjoy spending time in and entertain your friends and relatives.

5 Things People with gorgeous homes always doMegan Thiele

5. But not too bare, though

Minimalism is cool, but a clean home with a few conversation pieces is even cooler. An accent wall will visually enrich the décor, and so will a refined mantelpiece display, rustic furniture, rich textures, artwork, and cozy-looking throws. Dress up your space with function in mind, but do not overlook comfort: although too many accessories can spoil the design broth, lack of them will render an overly formal, uninviting feel to your living area.


Gorgeous homes are the result of a long-term process that involves planning, regular upkeep, and taste. If you have a snug safety bubble to your name, why not turn it into the world’s best place to wind down and let your mind roam free after a busy day? Good luck with the courtship!

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Zoe Clark is a proud mom of one baby girl and a miniature schnauzer. When not obsessing about designing perfect homes, Zoe is spending time with her family. She enjoys writing, cooking, traveling and loads of chocolate. You can follow her on Twitter.

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    This is some great advice for keeping your home in tip-top shape! These tips will definitely ensure that your home looks nice and hospitable. I’m happy you suggested installing custom shades and blinds-it really make a difference in the insulation of your home. Thanks so much for sharing!

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