12 Creative Business Card Ideas

Ah it’s getting to be blogger conference season–do you know what that means? It means it’s time to hand out oodles of business cards and make connections with new blogger friends!

creative business card ideas roundupNow I know your blog is awesome, but is your business card awesome? When you’re meeting new people and you’re talking about your blog, when you reach your hand into your purse to pull out a business card, are you proud of what you’re about to hand out? Your business card is your first impression of your blog to most people, so you’re going to want it to be unique and to represent you and your brand.

I’ve rounded up 12 creative business card ideas so that you can start designing your own. Just make sure that your card really encompasses what you want your blog/business to embody and that you think about what information you think is most pertinent for people to learn about you and your brand. That’s the information you’ll want to include on your business card.

creative business card ideasI just think these are the coolest. I love the idea of having a functional business card, so that when someone pulls it out to use it, they are reminded of you and your business every time. Bon Vivant nailed this idea with their cheese grater business cards.

creative business card ideasThese cards, designed by Dizzy Design for The Bombay Bakery, are edible! If you’re a food blogger then what better way to show off your cooking skills than by the cards you hand out? The catch with these is that you’ll have to make sure people jot down your info before they eat your cookie–so they may be a bit of a hassle, I just think they’re clever.

creative business card ideasDon’t have money to break the bank? Dipping the bottom of a wine glass and stamping cards makes a beautiful pattern–and each card turns out differently! The beauty of the Mylene Possion cards is that you would only have to pay for black and white printing, and a bottle of wine 🙂

creative-business-cards-4-11-1If you soak the bottom of these cards in water, they will bloom! Another way to leave a lasting impression. Also, it would be fun to print your design on a mini envelope and include flower seeds inside. Design by Jamie Wielks.

creative business card ideasShow off your specialty by telling people exactly what you do. Norris Mantooth does this by including a viewfinder on his card.

creative business card ideasI’m completely in love with stencils these days since I acquired my Silhouette Portrait. These stenciled business cards would be easy to recreate using a Silhouette and card stock and are definitely eye-catching! Davide Gasperini‘s business cards use a stencil of his logo, but you can be creative and either use your logo, or a clip art image.

creative business card ideasLauren at The Thinking Closet is one of my favorite bloggers and I think her business cards are adorable. The thing I love most about her cards is that she includes a QR code on her card. This way, when someone uses a QR reader, they can be brought directly to Lauren’s blog. It’s a simple way to get people to visit your blog!

creative business card ideasStyle & Pepper played off their name and made their business cards into salt and pepper shakers. You can also do this in your Silhouette Portrait or Cameo.

creative business card ideasThese cards, designed by Lo Siento, have a little built-in wheel that you can turn and different adjectives will show up. This is a great way to show the different sections of your blog: For example, the wheel could read, “DIY projects,” “Recipes,” “Health & Beauty,” etc.

creative business card ideasWant to really make a statement? Hand out wooden business cards instead of paper ones. These cards were designed by Mattson Creative.

creative business card ideasGive something away! Laura from A Girl Who Makes adds string to her cards with the phrase, “Tie up a few loose ends.”

Creative business cardsMake it useful! This mini folder idea from Company Folders is absolutely adorable. You could stick promotional materials inside of it (such as a coupon!) or leave it empty for your potential clients to use.

What do you think? Are you filled with ideas for your business cards?

I would love to see your business cards, leave a link in the comments below!


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  1. says

    These are all such cute and creative ideas for business cards. I really liked the transparent camera business card. What a great way to advertise for a photographer. There are so many fun ways to promote your business with business cards.

  2. says

    While making functional business cards is more expensive, I feel like it’s super fun to get cards that function as samples as well! I especially love the card with the seeds that bloom when dipped in water. It’s adorable, and it really shows off the creativity of the designer. And for those who can’t afford expensive business cards, just having a unique shape like the salt and pepper shakers can still make your cards unique and fun. Thanks for the tips and examples!

    • Catherine Elsby says

      You’re so welcome! I’m so much more likely to contact someone with a thoughtful business card than I am someone with a standard card.

  3. says

    Hey Catherine,

    Really a nice share….!

    Business card is an important element for creating an impression that last forever. You have covered all the points that are required to make a business card “The Perfect”.

    Beside this, with the use of technology, the business card industry is getting advanced day by day. Trendy and unique cards have now replaced the traditional ones. While choosing a business card, one should always keep in mind the type of business they are indulged into.Some of business cards shown in your picture clearly display what type of business they deal into.

    Thanks for sharing this post and especially the pictures. They are amazing!!

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