DIY Children’s Bedroom Sign w/ Paper Flowers


Today is my birthday! I turn into a small child on my birthday and get super excited about everything. I’m even wearing a tiara as we speak, but that’s not important. What these past 24 years have taught me is that life is incredible and people are amazing. This whole weekend I’ve had friends and family constantly reminding me how blessed I am and that I’ve handpicked some of the best people in the world to share my life with. I just want to let you all know I’m very picky, so if you’re in my life, it means I really, really like you. Now onto bigger things—because it’s my birthday and I’ve been showered with wonderful gifts, I want to share a gift with you all! For the rest of August you can use the coupon code “RUSTICBIRTHDAY” at my etsy shop and receive 10% off any custom sign or photograph! Just go to the “Shop” tab at the top of this page and look around! If you don’t see anything that tickles your fancy, I do custom orders too. This little gift is a “thank you” for ...

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15 Spices every cook should have

15 Spices Every Cook Should Have

Today I have Stephanie here sharing 15 spices every cook should have. As an avid home cook, I can attest that I have every single one of these in my spice cabinet! Spices are valued for their ability to enhance food and add flavorsome, complex tastes to meals. There is a wide variety of spices…

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DIY Groomsmen Boxes

*Some of these links in this DIY Groomsmen Boxes post are affiliate links (marked by an asterisk), meaning if you purchase something through the link, I receive a small percentage of the profit. This does not cost you more money at all. All of the products/events I stand behind and my opinions haven’t been swayed…

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Organizing Toys

How to Simplify Organization for Children

**Hi all! I have Laura from Sewing Makes Me Happy sharing some tips on how to keep your kids’ belongings organized, in a fun way! Once you simplify organization, then keeping the home clean is a breeze! Having kids means saying “goodbye” to order and “come on in” chaos. Your house will be invaded by…

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