Fried Cherry Tomatoes with Ranch

fried green tomato horizontal

Looking back on my childhood, one of my favorite things to eat during the summers were cherry tomatoes right from my grandparents' garden. Homegrown tomatoes are leaps and bounds better than store-bought tomatoes, so when my boyfriend's father brought me a bag of cherry tomatoes from his garden last week, I couldn't have been more excited! It brought back memories of when I was younger, carefully stepping between my grandpa's tomato plants looking for the perfect tomato. What I loved about the particular bag of tomatoes that Stephen's dad brought me was that there were all different colors of tomatoes, at all different stages of ripeness. See those gorgeous green tomatoes in there? You know what I wanted to do with those green tomatoes? Yep, fry them! Fried green tomatoes are undeniably delicious, especially bite-sized, which I learned from this recipe! But I didn't just fry the green tomatoes, I fried all of the colors. And you know what I found out? All of the colors of ...

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Barre Results

My 5 Month Barre Results

I usually keep my workout routine to myself, but one of the first things I did when I started doing barre five months ago was Google people’s barre results. So this post is for you guys, who are considering barre and who are moseying around the Internet looking for a definitive answer to whether they…

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Children's books to read

5 Books You Should Read to Your Child

*Affiliate links are noted with an asterisk. Thank you for supporting this little blog! Reading to children is more than just reiterating words on a page. From the beginning, it teaches them how to open up their imagination and explore the world without ever having to leave their seat. Books encourage them to reach for…

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